Malkara is the largest district of Tekirdağ as a land area with a surface area of 1.225 km2. This district consists of 77 neighborhoods. 4 of these neighborhoods are in the center. It is 56 km away from the province of Tekirdag. In the north-west of Malkara there are the discrit of Uzunköprü in Edirne, Hayrabolu in the north east, Şarköy in the south east, Gelibolu in Çanakkale in the south and Keşan in Edirne in the west. There aren't high mountains valleys in the discrit. We are 52,663 people according to the population of 2015 population. It is usually a plateau showing the characteristics of the lateral plain from the eroded hills. There are no great rivers due to the Malkara's earthly formations. There are small rivers feeding dams and ponds. There aren’t natural lakes within the boundaries of the county, there are artificial dams and ponds. With these dams and ponds, the irrigable land amount of the discrit was raised to 28,360.

Distribution of district land according to usage is like this.

Culture / Agriculture Land: 766,763 decares                                                                                                    

Non-agricultural Land: 141,174 decares                                                                                                                      

Forest Land: 232,380 decares                                                                                                                 

Pasture Land: 75,973 decares                                                                                                                 

Meadow Land: 8,710 decares                                                                                                                

TOTAL: 1.225.000 decares

District has terrestrial climate. The winter months are cold and snowy or rainy. The summers are hot and dry. The average annual precipitation is 500 millimeters. The productivity of agricultural areas in Malkara province is well above the average in Turkey. Agriculture and livestock are quite good in the district. All kinds of agricultural products such as wheat, sunflower are grown all over the land. Annual wheat production is 150,000 tons, sunflower production is 60,000 tons. Our discrit has an extremely important potential in terms of animal husbandry.

The investments and services made in recent years have increased the animal husbandry numerically and qualitatively. Animal husbandry has been in the forefront of the agricultural sector, especially in the increase of the income of rural areas. In addition to dairy cattle, meat cattle also increased significantly. The number of sheep-goats decreased compared to the increase in the number of cattle. Within the agricultural sector, the share of livestock is over 50%. In Turkey this ratio is around 25%. In the province, cattle are 52,330, sheep is 55,300, and goat is 19,800.

There are 3 flour factories, 2 oil factories, 2 feed factories and 4 dairy farms in the district. These factories operate in the province and are also members. Organized Industrial Zone was established in order to be able to construct industrial plants in the district. The district is also extremely rich in terms of underground mines. The most important lignite coal deposits in the Thrace region are in this region.

Malkara district is the most important mineral lignite coal in terms of underground wealth. 50% of the district's surface area is bound to the mining license and 26 licensed mining coal production activities are continuing in these licenses. Some of the coal mines produce in the form of open mine operations, while others produce coal with the closed mine with gallery technique. All of the coal enterprises belong to the private sector. Coal has a very important place in the district economy.

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