History of Malkara Commodity Exchange

In 1957, when the prominent traders came together and obtained the necessary permits from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Trade Bourse was established in Malkara in 1958 and it is still in operation. There are currently 112 members working in different business lines (Grain and Cereal Products, Oil Seed Trading and Raw Naturel Oil Production, Milk and Milk Products Production and Trading, Live Animal and Meat Trading, etc.).

In addition to the latest system laboratory services, all the producers and traders can use 24 hours a day from weighing services. Barley, rice, etc. The hectolitre and moisture rates of the products, hectolitre of sunflower, moisture, fat ratio, hectolitre of wheat, moisture, protein, gluten, gluten index, sediment and delayed sediment determinations are done. In our new building there is a sales hall with 100 people, meeting room and study rooms, laboratory and weighing facilities together and the closed area of the exchange building is 1,460 square meters.

Malkara Trade Bourse has reached a transaction volume of 750 Million TL in 2016 and it is in the top rank among the stock exchanges in the country in terms of its activities. Malkara; Trakya has the title of Commodity Exchange which produces and processes 7% of the milk product and most of the sunflower product produced in Turkey.

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